Angel’s Landing

For our thrill-seakers, Angel’s Landing can be a great option and Kyle is our resident ANGEL to help you get up there! Take it away Kyle:

Angel’s Landing gets a bad rap as a scary or dangerous hike. Anything in life is scary and dangerous if you don’t properly prepare! It’s not that physically challenging, but mentally it can seem extreme due to the steep switchbacks and drop-offs. If you have a fear of height or narrow passages, this is not the hike for you.

You should probably avoid this hike if you have a fear of heights, vertigo, or any special condition that can cause lapses in consciousness.

For anyone else, Angel’s Landing offers a beautiful 5-mile trek, breathtaking views, fascinating manmade aides, and a physical challenge that won’t kick your ass.

One suggestion I have for anyone wanting to do Angel’s Landing is to book a Glamping Spot nearby and make a weekend of it. Angel’s Landing is really just a morning activity often best followed-up by a cold glass of champagne in a bubbling hot tub at your lodging.

Let me know what kind of trip you’re trying to take, and I’ll make sure it happens!