Disclaimer (of sorts)

We do occasionally have to temper peoples’ plans. We’ve had some older folks popping up wanting to hike Killy or Angel’s Landing, and we’ve had to really assess their health and fitness to determine whether it’s an option.

We certainly don’t like tempering anybody’s goals and hopes, so instead of saying NO, we love to make better more fitting suggestions. For this reason, we’re willing to work with any people or groups in any configuration. We’ve planned 3-day Bachelorette Parties, weeklong family trips with little ones, and most recently, a lovely woman’s 65th Birthday Party Weekend.

Part of the information referral slip you’ll fill out initially will include this type of information. This will allow us to set you up with the most knowledgeable and applicable Expedition Leader on our team. And of course, if your plans change halfway through, we’ll get you set up with someone else.

We want you to have the best mountain experience you can, without any concerns, worries, or unknowns.