North Country

There are some beautiful vista in the North Country that we suggest. Jenny is our North Country Trail expert.

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Sure, Colorado and Utah some beautiful hikes, but the space between New York and North Dakota – condescendingly referred to as FLYOVER STATES (?!?!) – is just beautiful and diverse. The trail passes through New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota and North Dakota. Weather makes it very challenging to complete the whole trail in one go, but there are so many little trail tributaries whether that be along the Boundary Waters or the Finger Lakes, you’ll be sure to be pleasantly surprised.  

I usually suggest to people The Superior Hiking Trail through Superior National Forest in Minnesota. The Great Lakes are truly magical, Lake Superior perhaps the most. This trail is about four feet wide footpath with Treadway, so it’s not going to break your feet or your gear. And it is routed primarily along the ridgeline overlooking Lake Superior so it’s hard to find an area without an astonishing view.  

Along this trail you’ll see lakes, rivers, bridges, forests, and waterfalls. My god, my brainmouth is watering now!